kids playing board games

The Best Board Games to Play in Singapore

It is always good to remain busy and active. One such mean is through increasing screen time which comes with number of complications, whereas other mean is engaging in different games. Kids as well as elders started taking interests in different board games during COVID-19. Since it is essential for all to remain active, engaged, and stress-free, here are our recommendations for kid-friendly fun board games for the whole family!

The Singapore edition of Monopoly

Monopoly, though classical in today’s time but is still in vogue. Without monopoly, the charm of the board games remains incomplete. It is all about becoming rich and taking hold of the fellow’s wealth and bankrupting them. If edition available in Singapore is taken, then it includes train breakdowns, baby bonus and other hawker centres. Other MRT stations include Botanic Gardens, Bishan and Punggol and Oxley Road as iconic landmarks it is always fun playing and seeing other landing in jail.

Try Singaporean Dream

This game is interactive as well as satirical. You can become perfect Singaporean by stealing, paying and complaining with your friend. If you are lucky enough to have more dream cards, then you have all chances to become Ah Beng or Aunty. At the same time, anyone using special power can put you down as well so be careful. Whenever you find any hater, you can stop them by using stop cards, i.e., Gahmen Say Cannot.

The Card Game; Chope

Here you use as many cards as you have to secure more place on the table for serving food. It doesn’t include any tissue packets. Your fastest moving finger can go wonder for reserving table. More table you secure; you will be able to serve more food. Keep in mind, fellow players aren’t only competitors or predators. There are some hungry mynahs as well which are keeping eyes on your food.

The Smol Tok

If you like some relaxed game which doesn’t have any competition or race, then Smol tok is a good choice available in the Singapore market. It is just a conversational game which starts simply by selecting a card, going through it and then starting conversation. It also includes questions and answer sessions along with some follow up practices. The game has number of decks, each offering different themes and topics. The primary deck is all about friends and family. If you get Breadcrumbs, then you have to talk about faith. For Dun tok Chok, you need to know the lifestyle at Singapore and for new Pillow Tok, you should be aware of intimate topics. The game is interesting and keeps you engaged throughout the process.

Bored? Try Scrabble

 Some games never get old. Scrabble is one such game, which is liked and played by people of all age groups. You have to have good vocabulary in order to become expert. Apart from this, you also have a chance to learn some new words and enhance your knowledge of vocabulary. You can also keep a dictionary for taking any help in case you feel short of words.

There are numerous board games being played by people in Singapore. As such there is no age limit as which age group can play which game. It is all about interest and how playful you want to be in your life. You can play these board games with your children, spouse, and friends at any time you like. So next time when you feel bored, try any game as mentioned above.