board games for kids and family

Family-Friendly Board Games for Teenagers

Teenage is considered very difficult age for teenagers as well as their parents. It is because they need constant engagement, company and productive means to spend their time. Most teenagers suffer from the feeling of isolation and their mental and physical health suffer a lot.

There are some board games which help teenagers and their parents to share good times together. Your chap will get some mean to spend quality time and you as a parent will be able to keep track of their activities. After all, they are also children growing into young adults and need parental love and care.

Catan for 10 years old

This game can be played between 3 to 4 players and it can be played for an hour to 120 minutes. In this game players try to become prominent figure on the Catan Island in Europe and help in building infrastructure and managing resources. The game foster creative thinking and helps in devising long term strategy. If you think the game is not easy and complicated for your child, then you can start from the beginner version as well. Let your child learn and then he/she can start the advanced level.

The Forbidden Island

The game encourages competition and preferably healthy competition. However, the level of competition is very different from the typical type. Because this is not a true competition between players rather all players cooperate and assist one another so they could avoid island from sinking. The game offers multiple level of difficulty and because of variety it offers, the game has won number of awards.

2 to 4 players can play the game and total winning time is 30 minutes.

The Singaporean Dream

This game is for children 13 years of age and its winning time is 30 minutes. The game can be played between 3 to 6 players.

The game has been devised by the Singaporean company and is an interactive option for players. You can select and look for a Singaporean personality. You get a chance to become the perfect Singaporean having all traits of Singaporean. In case your teenager is feeling isolated and needs friends then this particular game is one way to make friends. Children can play this game with their friends at any time without having to worry about time. This game is also better and portable as compared to other board games.

Codenames for Teenagers

This game is for 14 years old children. This game is considered one of the favourite among many families. The games has secured many awards, come in different versions with numerous reviews. The secret about 25 different agents is known to two main rivals and all they can do is give one simple clue to their teammates for finding it. The codenames is also competitive game and normally all kids are ready to give it a try at any time.

These days, games are back in children life because they help in mental and brain development. This is yet another mean for reducing screen timing and getting isolated. The gaming also give times for families to stay together more time with all members apart from enjoying each other company. It is also good parents play games with their children and share happiness and good time.