Maternity photoshoot in a field

How to Prepare for an Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot in Singapore

Maternity photoshoot in a field

Nature and Birth Go Well Together

Incorporating nature in your maternity shots will add depth to the shots. If you are nervous about the pregnancy photoshoot, the outdoor experience may help you relax and enjoy this moment. 

Before going for an outdoor maternity photoshoot in Singapore, you need to know about the terrain so that you can pick the right shoes and outfits. You also need to consider the weather, the best time for the shoot, the cost, and the possible trek to the ideal spot. 

How well you prepare for an outdoor maternity photoshoot will determine how much you enjoy the shoot. Your feelings will radiate in the images, so positive vibes will go a long way in preserving this precious moment. 

Preparing for an Outdoor Pregnancy Photoshoot Session

Ensure you schedule your session at a time when you feel your best. If you are always ready for a nap in the afternoon, you should schedule the session in the morning. However, if you prefer to sleep in, then an afternoon session is ideal. 

You should do whatever it takes to look and feel your best. Hire a makeup artist, go to the salon, have a manicure, or get plenty of rest. 

When to Have a Maternity Photoshoot

The ideal period for a maternity photoshoot in Singapore is the third trimester. You are glowing, and you are coming towards the end of your pregnancy. As you look forward to your child’s birth, you also want memories of your pregnancy. 

If you intend to have a pregnancy photoshoot, you should plan for it. Avoid putting off the shoot until you are too exhausted to enjoy the photoshoot. 

Waiting until you get too close to the delivery date is also not ideal because a premature birth will rob you of the chance to have a professional. 

Plus, you may have too many things to do during the final few weeks, so it is best to get the maternity photoshoot out of the way between the seventh and eighth months. 

Identify Your Favorite Poses

Are there poses you love and wish to incorporate in your pregnancy photoshoot? Planning and discussing these poses with your photographer in advance will help you get the best maternity photoshoot in Singapore. 

You don’t want to get home after the shoot only to remember that you missed one of the poses you desperately wanted to include in the photo collection. 

Find The Best Outdoor Photoshoot Spots

Most professional photographers will recommend some of the best outdoor spaces for maternity photoshoot Singapore. However, if you are interested in a particular setting, you may give the photographer your idea and see if he can work with it. 

Whenever possible, choose a spot closest to your home. You don’t want to spend too much time in transit, especially if you get exhausted easily. 

Personalize the Maternity Photoshoot

The pregnancy photoshoot is already personal. However, you can make it even more special by using props that are specific to the baby. For example, you can use items like teddy bears, ultrasound images, and a personalised note to your baby for the shots. 


Outdoor maternity photoshoots have several benefits. You have a range of backgrounds from which to choose. You may opt for gardens, the beach, or any other landscape. When you prepare adequately for the pregnancy photoshoot, you will not only have an awesome time, but your inner glow will be evident in the image quality.

couple pregnancy photoshoots in Singapore

When is the Best Time to Take Pregnancy Photos?

couple pregnancy photoshoots in Singapore

Every expecting mother in Singapore will attest to the fact that pregnancy is stressful. From stiffness and swellings to cramps and constipation, pregnant women have a lot to deal with.

One way to let out stress and remind yourself of how beautiful your belly is, is by going for a pregnancy photoshoot session for you, your partner and your baby bump.

Singapore is presently home to many photography studios that take pregnancy photos you are certainly going to love. In order for these pictures to turn out great and capture the full shape of your belly, you have to take them at the right time.

Read on to learn some tips that will help you discern the right time for your pregnancy photoshoot. Learn more here.

When to take pregnancy photos

Timing is key when it comes to taking pregnancy photos.

If you are a first-time mom, you may be clueless about when to take your pregnancy photos. And because of this, you may schedule your pregnancy photo shoot too early or too late.

Many pregnancy photography experts have pointed out that the best time to take pregnancy photos is during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.

During this time, your belly will have an even round shape and be perfect for taking pictures.

If you are counting by weeks instead of months, you should make an appointment for your photo shoot when you are 30 weeks pregnant.

Why you should take your pregnancy photos at the right time

Of course, there is no hard and fast rule about taking pregnancy photos. So you can take your pregnancy photos anytime you want.

That said, you need to keep in mind that taking pregnancy photos after you are eight-month or 35 weeks of pregnancy might put a lot of strain on you and your baby. During this period, your belly will feel too heavy.  

Taking pregnancy photos for your baby shower

If you plan on using your pregnancy photos for your baby shower invitations, you should take your pregnancy photos when you are 28 weeks pregnant.

When expecting multiples?

If you are expecting multiples, you have to speed things up and take your pregnancy photos a little bit sooner. Since you are carrying more than one baby, your belly is likely to have a nice round shape during your second trimester. 

If you are counting by weeks, you should take your photos during your 24th week of pregnancy. This time, you will still be able to move around without much discomfort.

2 tips that ensure that your pregnancy photo shoot turns out great

Find a good pregnancy photography studio

Choosing studios that only take pregnancy photos will go a long way to ensure that you get the best result. Since the photographers in those studios know everything from the best poses for pregnant women to the best lenses to capture your belly, chances are, they will be able to take amazing photos.

Book an appointment on time

Don’t wait till the last minute to book an appointment. If you are too busy and can’t find time to book the appointment on your own, you should tell your husband or a close friend to bookan appointment for you.

Final note

Timing is of the essence, especially when it comes to taking pregnancy photos.

If you are really serious about taking great pregnancy photos, you should make plans to take your photos when you are seven or eight months pregnant. Mothers who are expecting multiples should take their pregnancy photos even earlier during their 24th week of pregnancy.

pregnancy photoshoot ideas and studios

Compelling Reasons Why Expecting Mothers Should Have a Pregnancy Photoshoot

pregnancy photoshoot ideas and studios

Pregnancy has its highs at lows. This minute your skin is glowing and you feel amazing, the next minute, your ankles are swollen, and your mood changes.

If you are like most soon-to-be moms in Singapore, you will always be looking for ways to make yourself feel and look good.

A pregnancy photo shoot is one activity that can make you feel excited and boost your mood. But if a voice in your head tells you not to take pregnancy photos and that your pregnancy isn’t really a big deal, you should ignore it.

The truth is that you are never going to regret taking pregnancy photos as it is a short 9-month period of your life that you’d look back on in the future. Below are some compelling reasons why you should take pregnancy photos even if you do not feel like you want to. Also read more here on where to find experienced pregnancy photoshoot studios in Singapore.

You are going to miss your baby bump

When you found out you were pregnant, you were super excited and started daydreaming about holding your newborn in your arm.

But as time slowly tickled away and you started experiencing woes that come along with pregnancy, you will likely say- “I am so tired of being pregnant andthat I am not going to miss it”.

The truth, as you will later come to find out, is that you will.

Granted, pregnancy is hard and stressful, but there is something magical about it. Feeling the kicks, hiccups, and headbutt of your child will make you feel more connected tohim/her.

In later months, you will start to remember your bump and those baby kicks.

If you took pregnancy photos when you were pregnant, you will be able to remember the magical time you had when your little one was growing in you. Seeing those beautiful pictures will surely leave a smile on your face.

You will be surprised at how beautiful you look and feel

When pregnant, you are likely to receive compliments from friends and loved ones about your glowing skin and new look. This may make you feel good at the moment, but in the long run, you are going to sob and feel uneasy about your new look.

As you see your tummy gradually expand as your pregnancy progresses, you may feel less likely to take photos.

If you change your perspective and embrace the changes in your body, you will start to see and feel the beauty of pregnancy.

So get out your favorite couch, dress up in a way that shows off your bump, put on some make-up, and visit any of the popular pregnancy photo shoot studios in Singapore.

You are going to be awe-struck when you see how beautiful you look and feel.


Taking pregnancy photos should be on the checklist of every soon-to-be mom in Singapore.

But if for some reason, you aren’t excited about taking pregnancy pictures, you should motivate yourself to take them.

Always remember that a pregnancy photoshoot session doubles as an opportunity for you to pamper yourself, wear clothes that show off your new body, and bond with your partner.

pregnancy photoshoot posing

3 Tips That Will Help Pregnancy Photos Turn Out Great

pregnancy photoshoot posing

If you are like most expecting mothers in Singapore, you likely may have made elaborate plans to ensure that your pregnancy photos look amazing.

Of course, it is easy to assume that picking the perfect dress and doing your makeup right will make you look great in your pregnancy photos. But that is far from the truth.

In fact, what you wear is only one piece of the puzzle.

You should always remember that factors like the way you pose, the emotions you express, and even the photography studio you choose, determine how your picture turns out.

In this article, we will be exploring some tips that will increase the odds of your pregnancy photoshoot pictures looking amazing.


See, you don’t have to do what everybody else is doing, especially if you want to take amazing pregnancy photos.

As you likely know, photography studios are great. Everything from the lighting equipment, the props there can make any picture stand out.

But there is no rule that you must take your pregnancy photos there.

Your home, the outdoors, or even an urban area could be an excellent alternative to the studio.


If you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, it may be difficult for you to figure out which emotion to express during your shoot.

If you have this problem, you should tell your photographer about it. He or she will offer tips to help you bring out the right emotion.

Soon-to-be mamas’ who are comfortable in front of the camera should express the excitement of their newborn on their faces.

Don’t forget that you can also express your emotions through your body language.

Striking the right pose

There are several ways you can pose to show off your belly and your new body. Below are some of them.

Hands on the belly

All you have to do here is to touch your belly or baby bump as naturally as possible. You can choose to put both hands on your belly or put one hand on your belly and the other in your pocket, hips, or hair.

Up high

While this may be an easy and comfortable pose, you may need a blanket or a quilt to pull it off.

All you need do is to lie on your blanket and have your pictures taken from above.

Taking pictures this way can showcase your belly and other parts of your body that may have changed.


With so many options out there, it is somewhat difficult to narrow down what to wear for their photo shoot.

A simple rule that can guide you when picking an outfit is to pick something that clings to your body and showcases your belly.

You can spice things up with accessories like shoes, scarves, jewelry, and so on.

In Conclusion

Truth be told, preparing for a pregnancy photo shoot is somewhat challenging. Shopping for new clothes, getting your nails, hair, and make up done can be a little demanding. Getting them done by professionals is also a good choice as it takes the stress out of the preparations.

To ensure that you get the result you are looking for, you should apply some if not all of the tips discussed in this article.

children playing with toys

Quick Outdoor Toy Organizer Ideas for Busy Parents

When you have kids at home, it means you have lot of toys everywhere, because these keep moving from indoor to outdoor. Kids take their toys wherever they go. As long as toys remain indoor, kids always find ways to keep those in order but when they are outside, it is real hassle for parents as well as child to manage. There are some outdoor toy organizers available in the Singapore market, which can help you and your child in managing all toys.

Try Bins

You can very well get hold of the bins available in the market for keeping toys safe. Kids will find it easy to take out toys from the bin, play with them and then put those back. There are bins available in the market in varying sizes and colours. You can choose different colour bins for keeping different things, like toy guns, balls, trucks etc. It is even safe to keep some toys outside if you don’t intend to bring them inside.

Go for Outdoor Rolling Carts

Some customized size wooden carts with tyres are available in the market which can easily be rolled around here and there. These carts can easily be taken from one side to the other without any hassle. Somehow the carts function much like bins, but these have tyres so kids can take the cart with them anywhere and play easily.

Install Drawers

If you want to create an organizer, then try making one wooden frame with a place for keeping different shelves. On the shelf, you can put lot of baskets with different stuff within them. Even children can write their names on those baskets as well. This way kids will become organized and can put different things at different places.

Check Out Toy Parking Lots

I personally like this idea of organizing toys in parking lot organizer. You can create one such shed with the help of your children and apart from keeping tricycle and toy cars, you can also keep some toy trucks, cars and vehicles in that. Kids love to copy their parents, this way they will get the feeling of adulthood and would love it.

Simple Lego Bin

Trust me, it hurts when you step of a lego. You literally scream your heart out. Thus, if you have lego at home, it is time to get separate bin or basket for your lego. Otherwise your entire living room will be full of legos and it gives messy look.

Get Hold of Stuffed Storage

If your child is fond of stuff toys, then you can have stuff storage bucket installed in your wall and on the back of your room door. Stuff can otherwise be placed on the bedside of your child as well, but while sleep they can tuck in all stuff toys in those storage.

Purchase Racks

Racks are normally for keeping books, but you can utilize some separate compartments for keeping books as well. Same can be used for keeping games, frames and other stuff. You also have a option to place some of your child’s board games in those racks

Neat and tidy room is liked by everyone. Kids should not be stopped from playing and trying different games. But they should be asked to remain discipline and maintain cleanliness in their play area. For this purpose, organizers are good option which can be helpful for keeping outdoor as well.

child and baby toy storage solutions

Stylish Baby & Child Toy Storage Organizer Ideas

Children love new toys and always ask for more. It is always difficult for parents to arrange and put all toys at one place, so it does not look so messy. This article provides some relief to parents who want to purchase  a stylish toy organizer. There are some baskets, racks, boxes and bins which are cute, accessible and affordable. Best of all, they are child-friendly! View more here.

Bins for Storing Toys

Normally the open storage and containers are easy to keep toys. With no drawers, kids will be able to take their favourite toys with their small hands. You can keep the bin either in your child’s bedroom or playroom because it takes less space. The baskets are available in woven choice and is found in different sizes. There are some manufacturing working in Singapore who make customized and cute storage bins in assorted sizes. One in octopus’s style is also adorable which is a good choice for keeping children toys.

Try Boxes for Toy Storage

If your child wants to keep things hidden from other children, then boxes can be good option. One can find boxes in different styles and types and can also be used for storing different toys mainly balls, stuff toys and other material. The boxes sometimes come in different shapes, some fixed with handles and other having shape sides. You may need to keep an eye on your children while they play so they don’t harm themselves.

Some manufacturers in Singapore make toy storage boxes in customised shapes and designs. Some even come with name written on them and others in different colours. You can get one in rectangle shape, made in wooden having your name on it. There are some with pasted cartoon characters on them and easy to carry handle on both sides. The one made with fabrics offer excellent storage space for kids due to their durability and easy to manage capability.

Customized Toy Storage for Different Toys

There are some toy organizers which can be used for keeping toys separate. You simply sort toys and then put them in different racks. Such organizers are available in the Singapore market while some can be custom made on order. You can even name the different racks and keep each sibling place separate. You can have as many as compartments in your cabinet, depending upon the requirements. There could be side racks, front rack and back rack. In some designs, racks are easily moveable and adjustable as well.

Check Out Toy Storage Benches

There are some benches available in the market which offer both functions, sitting space and storage space for toys. This furniture is used for multiple purposes, both for rest and for playing purposes. Benches also come in wooden form offering excellent storage space and sliding doors.

Toy organizers are excellent means for storing different toys of your kids and keeping them from spreading on the floor. You can buy one as per your choice. At the same time, you need to inculcate in your child, the habit of keeping room neat and tidy. So it should be the job of your children to keep all toys organized in their toy organizer.

board games for kids and family

Family-Friendly Board Games for Teenagers

Teenage is considered very difficult age for teenagers as well as their parents. It is because they need constant engagement, company and productive means to spend their time. Most teenagers suffer from the feeling of isolation and their mental and physical health suffer a lot.

There are some board games which help teenagers and their parents to share good times together. Your chap will get some mean to spend quality time and you as a parent will be able to keep track of their activities. After all, they are also children growing into young adults and need parental love and care.

Catan for 10 years old

This game can be played between 3 to 4 players and it can be played for an hour to 120 minutes. In this game players try to become prominent figure on the Catan Island in Europe and help in building infrastructure and managing resources. The game foster creative thinking and helps in devising long term strategy. If you think the game is not easy and complicated for your child, then you can start from the beginner version as well. Let your child learn and then he/she can start the advanced level.

The Forbidden Island

The game encourages competition and preferably healthy competition. However, the level of competition is very different from the typical type. Because this is not a true competition between players rather all players cooperate and assist one another so they could avoid island from sinking. The game offers multiple level of difficulty and because of variety it offers, the game has won number of awards.

2 to 4 players can play the game and total winning time is 30 minutes.

The Singaporean Dream

This game is for children 13 years of age and its winning time is 30 minutes. The game can be played between 3 to 6 players.

The game has been devised by the Singaporean company and is an interactive option for players. You can select and look for a Singaporean personality. You get a chance to become the perfect Singaporean having all traits of Singaporean. In case your teenager is feeling isolated and needs friends then this particular game is one way to make friends. Children can play this game with their friends at any time without having to worry about time. This game is also better and portable as compared to other board games.

Codenames for Teenagers

This game is for 14 years old children. This game is considered one of the favourite among many families. The games has secured many awards, come in different versions with numerous reviews. The secret about 25 different agents is known to two main rivals and all they can do is give one simple clue to their teammates for finding it. The codenames is also competitive game and normally all kids are ready to give it a try at any time.

These days, games are back in children life because they help in mental and brain development. This is yet another mean for reducing screen timing and getting isolated. The gaming also give times for families to stay together more time with all members apart from enjoying each other company. It is also good parents play games with their children and share happiness and good time.

monopoly board game for kids

Specially Designed Board Games for Toddlers

If you are looking for means to reduce screen timing of your children, then introduce board games into the mix. If you are worried about your toddlers, then we have a solution for that as well. The article will introduce some board games designed separately for kids belonging to different age groups. Board games are not just games, these are means to enhance mental and brain development in children like the ones available here.

Board games for 3 to 5 year old kids

It is pertinent to mention that for younger kids, i.e., 3 to 5 years of age the words and language games are good for their overall mental growth.

1. Busytown by Richard Scarry

This game has won many awards between 2001 and 2013. The basis of this game is the book series from nursery school. In the games, first kids join and then they are in a race to find different objects on the given map. This helps kids to develop working in team, focus towards details, critical thinking as well as matching skills.

The game can be played between 2 to 4 players and its total playing time is 30 minutes. The game can be played with 3 years old children.

2. Catch the match for Kids

If you intend to enhance the memory skills of your child, including colour and pattern recognition, visual perception and eye catching capability. There are in total 15 cards in the game and each contains specific thing like a ball or a pencil. Since all the objects are same in the card but they differ in locations and colours. There are always two cards having same objects in the same colour. So it is kids job to identity and find those two cards out of so many.

The game can be played with minimum 2 to maximum 8 players. And the total time of play is around 15 minutes.  Children of age 4 to 5 years can easily play this game.

3. Outfoxed for Kids

This game is good for those kids who want to have some curiosity in their play. The game is about stolen and found. Since the pie is stolen, so the kid detective studies the situation and look for the probably thief who moves from one town to the other looking for the clue. The game inhibits problem solving skills, memory skills, collaboration and detail oriented skills among kids. For keeping the interest of the kids alive, the art work used for the game is bright and attractive. Kids sometimes need guidance from parents or adult for figuring out the lost pie.

The game time is around 15 minutes and total of 2 to 4 players can easily take part in the game. 5 years old kids can easily play this game.

4. Number Chase for Kids

As the name indicates, this game helps children asking questions related to numbers. Kids can also be introduced to number with the help this game when they tend to find out the hidden number. A child try to guess the number other child is having in his/her mind. This helps in deductive reasoning and identification of basic numbers.

The game can be played by 5 years children with 2 to 5 players. Also, total play time is 15 minutes.

The games discussed above are especially for children between the age of 3 to 5 years. They help kids in understanding basic skills and communication, including problem thinking, cognitive skills and recognition and motor skills. It is always better to introduce kids to such games rather wasting their time and energy on screen timing.

kids playing board games

The Best Board Games to Play in Singapore

It is always good to remain busy and active. One such mean is through increasing screen time which comes with number of complications, whereas other mean is engaging in different games. Kids as well as elders started taking interests in different board games during COVID-19. Since it is essential for all to remain active, engaged, and stress-free, here are our recommendations for kid-friendly fun board games for the whole family!

The Singapore edition of Monopoly

Monopoly, though classical in today’s time but is still in vogue. Without monopoly, the charm of the board games remains incomplete. It is all about becoming rich and taking hold of the fellow’s wealth and bankrupting them. If edition available in Singapore is taken, then it includes train breakdowns, baby bonus and other hawker centres. Other MRT stations include Botanic Gardens, Bishan and Punggol and Oxley Road as iconic landmarks it is always fun playing and seeing other landing in jail.

Try Singaporean Dream

This game is interactive as well as satirical. You can become perfect Singaporean by stealing, paying and complaining with your friend. If you are lucky enough to have more dream cards, then you have all chances to become Ah Beng or Aunty. At the same time, anyone using special power can put you down as well so be careful. Whenever you find any hater, you can stop them by using stop cards, i.e., Gahmen Say Cannot.

The Card Game; Chope

Here you use as many cards as you have to secure more place on the table for serving food. It doesn’t include any tissue packets. Your fastest moving finger can go wonder for reserving table. More table you secure; you will be able to serve more food. Keep in mind, fellow players aren’t only competitors or predators. There are some hungry mynahs as well which are keeping eyes on your food.

The Smol Tok

If you like some relaxed game which doesn’t have any competition or race, then Smol tok is a good choice available in the Singapore market. It is just a conversational game which starts simply by selecting a card, going through it and then starting conversation. It also includes questions and answer sessions along with some follow up practices. The game has number of decks, each offering different themes and topics. The primary deck is all about friends and family. If you get Breadcrumbs, then you have to talk about faith. For Dun tok Chok, you need to know the lifestyle at Singapore and for new Pillow Tok, you should be aware of intimate topics. The game is interesting and keeps you engaged throughout the process.

Bored? Try Scrabble

 Some games never get old. Scrabble is one such game, which is liked and played by people of all age groups. You have to have good vocabulary in order to become expert. Apart from this, you also have a chance to learn some new words and enhance your knowledge of vocabulary. You can also keep a dictionary for taking any help in case you feel short of words.

There are numerous board games being played by people in Singapore. As such there is no age limit as which age group can play which game. It is all about interest and how playful you want to be in your life. You can play these board games with your children, spouse, and friends at any time you like. So next time when you feel bored, try any game as mentioned above.

Welcome to Le Papillon on Front

In 1974 Le Papillon opened Toronto’s first crêperie. We are now providing our casual French dining experience to a third generation of Torontonians and visitors. After several moves within the historic St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, Le Papillon re-opened in an Old Town Toronto building that perfectly complements our French brasserie atmosphere.

Our menu continues to deliver old favourites such as French onion soup and Crêpes Bretonnes, while providing a newly expanded selection of steaks, as well as duck, seafood and pasta dishes. Also not to be missed is a list of homemade classic French desserts. We continually strive to provide a relaxed approach to fine dining with an emphasis on excellent value.